Cover Image for Computer Dream Angel Girl Saint — Chia Amisola
Cover Image for Computer Dream Angel Girl Saint — Chia Amisola
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Computer Dream Angel Girl Saint — Chia Amisola

Hosted by Developh & Chia
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(Note to guests: We're moving the talk date forward to June 19 from May 2 to accommodate for some speakers' schedules earlier in the talk series. If you'd like a refund, please just send us a note here or email on You'll still be able to attend the next event and all future events for free!)

Internet artist & designer Chia Amisola presents ‘Computer Dream Angel Girl Saint’, a performance and a lecture tracing the artist's Catholic faith, Marian apparitions, feminine technologies, surveillance & delusion, Ishmael Bernal’s Himala, and the nature of faith, truth, and presence.

In an age where gods are indecipherable from machines, all bodies are heavens, technology is devotion, and delusions are divine. Weaving through the infrastructural role of technologies & relics, the feminine maternal roles of computers as containers, and the surveillant, performative nature of the girl-saint is a performance-lecture on gods, girls, gazing, and glitches. 

The presentation previews an untitled durational desktop performance piece by Amisola, reenacting the mysteries of the rosary atop of the operating system & browser. An imagination and ritual of virginal software as a digital counterpoint to the Philippine Pasyón from the perspective of the girl-saint: the pure, sacred, transitory, and surveilled object of the divine.

About Chia Amisola

Chia Amisola (b. 2000, Manila) is an internet & ambient artist devoted to the internet’s loss, love, labor, and liberation. Through websites, tools, research, gathering, and performance, their (web)site-specific art imagines creation as synonymous with liberation. Their 'internet ambient' explores the internet's ecologies, territory, infrastructure, and intimacies. ( Mostly, they want to gather all the people they love in one place, and build an internet that could be that place. )

They steward Developh (a community of critical practice for Filipino technologists, established in 2016) and the Philippine Internet Archive (nurturing publications & interventions preserving network cultures).,

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June 19, 2024 (Wednesday) — 8PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern
June 20, 2024 (Thursday) — 11AM Manila Time (GMT+8)

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Hosted By
42 Going