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Growing Community — Using the Orbit Model with a growth mindset.

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Rosie Sherry
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This is an Orbit Community Learning Sprint Week where we are focusing on ideas and perspectives to help you nurture and grow your community.

Growth is crucial for communities generally speaking it comes in conversations, creating value and building trust. However, community builders need to take a different approach compared to how other parts of a business traditionally grows.

The Orbit Model is a framework for building high-gravity communities. A high gravity community is one that excels at attracting and retaining members by providing an outstanding member experience.

The Orbit Model can be used in so many ways to help you strategize and plan your community. In this context we are going to dive into strategies, tactics and ideas on how to use the framework and the tool to help you grow your community.

We will explore:

✨  What growth means in the context of community and The Orbit Model

✨ Growth through Orbit levels

✨ How to think about community activities