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Community Curriculum Workshops

Hosted by Rosie Sherry & James Arthur Cattell
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About Event

At Rosieland we're working towards creating a free and open source community building curriculum.

Our first task is to co-create text based content around foundational concepts of community building.

To do this we are going to host 3 collaborative workshops where we hope to map and write down what we all think could or should be included within the first 3 core areas of the curriculum.

You can participate by attending live and online, or by contributing to the async forum posts (linked below):

  1. How to talk about community building - what does community building actually mean and how can we get better at talking about what we do?

  2. What are communities?

    • What types of communities exist?

    • What are the limitations of communities?

    • Who should we contribute to communities?

    • How do we think about shaping and designing them?

    • How communities are changing?

    • Types of community models

  3. May 4th - Building a business case for community

    • What is a good business case?

    • How do we pitch the business value of community?

    • How do we plan, budget and estimate our community needs?

    • What language should we use?

    • What does management look for?

    • Examples and case studies