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Community Created Content

Hosted by Rosie Sherry
Past Event
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Most of us probably know about UGC — User Generated Content.

But what about CCC — Community Created Content, or CGC — Community Generated Content.

One of the things I'm actively exploring is the multiple things we do as community builders that don't yet have a name associated with them.

Community Created Content isn't necessarily a new idea, many of us have been doing this for years.

However, by giving it a name we can be more explicit about what it means and what value it can bring to communities.

In this session, I will talk about and share ideas around what Community Created Content is. There will also be time to contribute to the discussion too — through voice, video or text-based chat.

We will use Butter and a Google Doc as our tech stack.

If you choose to actively participate you can do so through text chat, voice/video and a Google Doc for collaborative notes.