Call Center Confidence

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Oliver Catt


Running a call center is tough.

Leading a sales team is a challenge.

And there is the fun of having a call center sales team.

Luckily your hosts know what it takes to succeed.

Welcome to the Call Center Confidence Show with Cutter and Catt.

If you own or lead a telesales team - you are in the right place.

If you work in sales and aspire to move into a leadership role, then tune in, take notes, and learn how to create a successful call center sales team.

Each week Jason and Oliver will bring you topics to help scale your team, increase profits, and actually feel like you are winning, resulting in a call center you can be proud of.

What you can expect from your two guides - conversations that won’t be overly scripted, definitely not salesy or boring - just filled with as much value as possible.

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