How to test a smartwatch before buying

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Buying a smartwatch requires verification before purchasing. This is necessary in order to make sure that everything is functioning correctly, there are no failures and you get a completely working device. Let's figure out what should be checked without fail.


You should start checking by inspecting the model that you are going to purchase. Therefore, you should carefully examine the device for scratches, chips, mechanical damage. Check the functionality of all buttons and the rotation of the bezel, if available in the model. The controls should be pressed / rotated without perceived difficulty. international news

Remember that after you complete your purchase, all of the mechanical damage of the device will be interpreted warranty service is not in your favor, because engineers do not know in what form were bought smartwatch and how you handle your property. Moreover, there are a lot of examples of inaccurate handling. So, always check the appearance of your purchase.

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Don't forget to inspect the strap. It should be comfortable and fasten on the arm. The convenience of using the new gadget depends on the strap. Check how secure the fastener is, whether there is a possibility that it will open spontaneously. You should also make sure that the strap is securely attached to the watch - if everything is in order there.

Connecting to wireless networks and a smartphone

Without wireless networks and communication with a smartphone, smartwatches are turning from a multifunctional device into a primitive gadget with a minimum set of functions. Therefore, when buying, you need to check how the model you have chosen connects with the types of networks that it provides.

First of all, it is worth checking the operation of Bluetooth, which is usually used to synchronize the gadget and the smartphone, then the synchronization process itself. Connecting children's smart watches can be especially difficult, since there are no uniform standards, and the connection settings differ greatly depending on the manufacturer.

To check Wi-Fi, you can ask the seller to connect to the store's network or, if it is not available, distribute Wi-Fi from your smartphone. Try pairing the smartwatch with the seller's smartphone or your device and make sure the smartwatch is connected to the device and communicating.

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If your smartwatch has a built-in GPS module, then you should turn it on as well. Indoors, it is not always possible to check the operation of the geolocation. Go to the window to pick up a signal from one of the satellites. This may take some time. It is advisable to check geolocation in children's smartwatches. If the error exceeds several hundred meters, then it will be difficult to understand where the child actually is.

Main functions

After you have found out that the appearance of the device and the operability of the networks suit you, proceed to the basic functions of the smart watch. It is enough to check the sensors and applications that exchange data.

Checking the touch screen should also be referred to the same point. This is the weakest point of smartwatches, so be sure to check how the sensor works, whether it correctly fulfills the tapes on the display. At the same time, check the launch of the functions and applications installed on the device.

To check the pedometer, you just need to take a few steps and see how the gadget counts them. The number of steps you have taken and what the smartwatch has counted must match. Measure your heart rate to check the heart rate sensor is working. You can check the operation of the stopwatch and timer, as well as start the alarm and see if you are satisfied with the vibration level.

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If your smartwatch is able to receive incoming calls, you should check how this function works. This will most likely require an appropriate SIM card. It is needed if the device receives calls offline, as, for example, children's smart watches do .

Battery and charger

While checking the basic functions of the device, pay attention to how the battery is discharged during this time. If during those 10-20 minutes during which you were checking your smartwatch, the charge level dropped slightly - everything is in order.

If the battery began to actively lose charge, this is a reason to be on your guard. It is possible that the battery is defective. It may turn out that the device, during calls and with active use of wireless networks, basically holds a weak charge, as is the case with inexpensive children's watches.

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If you notice that the device quickly consumes battery power, check the battery life of the smartwatch in different modes, including active use, and think about whether you should take a model that you will have to put on charge often or it is better to look for another model with more power-hungry battery.

At the end of the test, ask the seller to connect the charger and make sure that the battery starts charging. It will take a little time, but you will make sure that everything is in order with the process of replenishing the charge: the wire is connected and does not dangle in the connector, the watch recognizes wireless charging, etc.


The listed check, depending on the quickness of the seller, does not take so much time - about 10 or 20 minutes. But you will thoroughly check a complex technical device and be completely sure of its performance when you go to the checkout to pay for your purchase.