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Cultivating a Community-Led Community (workshop)

Hosted by Casey Watts!
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​The world needs more happy, healthy communities :)

​Other community organizers are always asking me questions like these:

  1. ​How can we get more members involved, engaged, and empowered?

  2. ​I'm worried some organizers are getting burnt out. How can we prevent that? How can we get more people organizing?

  3. ​We want our group to be welcoming and inclusive - how can we do that better?

  4. ​How do we assess the health of our organization?

​We'll cover these in this workshop! πŸŽ‰

​This workshop includes:

  • ​Big Ideas. Well-structured, clear concepts and frameworks. Concrete examples from Casey's 20+ community groups.

  • ​Actionable Takeaways. A one-page summary of the main points from the workshop including a health assessment and questions you can discuss with your group

  • ​Peer support. Listening to (and sharing with) peers about how they are grappling with these issues. Access to a long-running Discord (text chat) channel with other workshop attendees.

​Why Casey?


  • ​First 90 minutes = Casey will alternate sharing big concepts with having the group reflect on and share their experiences.

  • ​Last 30 minutes = A structured discussion, facilitated by Casey on what the group wants to discuss, (Lean Coffee style). Way better than a Q&A session.

  • ​A short break at the halfway mark (60 min in).

​Content: We’ll touch on so many topics, including:

  1. ​What makes some communities SO great (being community-led!)?

  2. ​How to measure how community-led the organization is?

  3. ​How to help people help in ways they LOVE to help (skilled and interested)

  4. ​How to motivate people to work towards the shared vision (hint: it has to be shared! probably co-created!)

  5. ​How to communicate with members in a way that gets them excited, motivated and engaged (making it easier: summaries, links, access, screenshots)

  6. ​How to prevent burnout in members and organizers? (monitoring it, addressing it)

  7. ​How to encourage caring relationships between members (a true community!)

​After the event, you will go back to your group to make it stronger:

  1. ​Assess how community-led your group is

  2. ​Discuss how to make the group even better WITH your group

  3. ​Discuss and determine your organization's shared values and goals, and then communicate them with the group

​By the end you'll feel:

  • ​Relieved to know how to address the concerns I've been having about my group

  • ​Inspired to re-think the way my organization works, empowering members

  • ​Confident that I know how to facilitate a community-led environment

  • ​Connected to some other individuals/organizations who are working on similar issues

​I'm so glad to be in a position to share these big ideas with you all.

​I can't wait to see what you all do with your community-led groups!! πŸŽ‰

​— Casey


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Attendance is capped at 15, and this is the only session scheduled.