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Community Conversations

Hosted by Anne Hilliger, Doug Belshaw & Laura Hilliger
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Unlock the potential of Communities of Practice, explore Open Recognition, and experience the Participate platform through our curated series of online events.

These three 1-hour sessions are designed to offer comprehensive insights. While each workshop can be attended independently, the series is structured to provide the most value when experienced in its entirety.

​We'll explore methodologies such Value Cycles, Maturity Models, and Convening Systems, with an optional 30 minutes of discussion time where you can stay and talk to us about your community and examples.

1. Creating Value in your Community (26th October)

​Explore Value Cycles, inspired by the work of Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner, to cultivate thriving Communities of Practice.

​This session covers:

  • ​Understanding and applying the five Value Cycles

  • ​Initial steps for implementing Value Cycles in your community

  • ​Crafting a compelling 'Value Creation Story'

2. Helping your Community Mature (2nd November)

​Navigate your community through its growth stages using a Maturity Model, based on the work of Emily Webber, Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh & Kai Elmer Sotto.

​This session covers:

  • ​Assessing your community's current maturity level

  • ​Tailored activities for different stages of community maturity

  • ​Effective strategies for community growth

3. Communities as Change Agents (9th November)

​Learn how to transform your community into a catalyst for change using a Convening Systems model, introduced by the Social Learning Lab.

​This session covers:

  • ​An overview of Convening Systems

  • ​Implementing seven types of work to drive change

  • ​Becoming an effective systems convener

Who Should Attend?

  • ​Individuals interested in establishing Communities of Practice

  • ​Current community managers seeking to enhance value and impact

  • ​Those looking to collaborate for meaningful change

  • ​Professionals interested in innovative online education approaches

  • ​Learning & Development staff aiming to enrich their organisational offerings

Platform & Cost

​The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and are free to attend. If you're unable to make a session, please inform us in advance for planning purposes.