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Magic Community Call

Wed, Dec 1, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM UTC (+4 more)


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Wed, Dec 1
7:00 PM
Wed, Jan 5
8:00 PM
Wed, Feb 2
9:00 PM
Wed, Mar 2
10:00 PM
Wed, Apr 6
11:00 PM
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The Magic Community

Did you know that the Internet was built without an identity layer? An identity layer is how we know who and what we’re connecting to online. Initially, the Internet's goal was to connect machines with one another. This means people only knew the address of the machine they were communicating with, rather than the actual person, organization or thing on the other side.

This is why the internet is filled with a proliferation of data and security breaches and deception. It’s no wonder why public trust in the internet has eroded. This is where Magic comes in.

We're solving the identity layer problem by decentralizing authentication. By joining the Magic community, you're becoming a part of the future of identity.


A monthly gathering where we connect with members of the Magic community. We'll discuss fun projects people are working on, share demos of the latest features we've shipped, brainstorm on ways that we can improve the Magic SDK, and more!


Community Calls will happen on the first Wednesday of every month at 11am PT.


To join the call, you'll need to enter the Magic Metaverse on Discord. We'll be waiting for you in the Voice Channel called community-call 🦄.