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You feel like your ideas are not heard. There are long messy email threads you can't decipher anymore. No idea who will be working on what. There are conflicts between your team members. You avoid challenging conversations because you have no idea how to handle them.

Sounds familiar?

The problem is not your grammar or English speaking skills. It's not even your role or position. It's time to start communicating effectively and use that to get ahead in your career.  

Effective communication is now more important than ever before since we started working remotely. If you want to avoid the ongoing game of phone calls and zoom meetings, you have to start writing clear, concise, and timely emails. To keep your meetings short, know how and when to speak. 

To help you with that, we are hosting a free, live 1-hour masterclass on how to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. 

In this masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • Make a great first impression with how you communicate

  • Write clear emails that explain exactly what you want

  • Tackle any situation whether it's meetings, deal-making, negotiations, reviews, or client conversations.

  •  How to prepare in advance to speak up at meetings 

  • Convey your message clearly and limit the potential of conflict

  • Leverage your communication skills to get ahead in work

  • Match your communication style with your work and project goals

  • Handle and control challenging conversations

Imagine that you can speak up at any time in meetings and everyone in the room understands your messages and is impressed by your confidence. Wouldn't it be great to leverage your soft skills to supercharge your career?

This 1 Hour, Free, Live Masterclass is for you whether you are working as an individual contributor, manager or company of your own. Basically, if you do any communication with other humans to get things done, this is for you. 

Your host:

Raj (@kunksed, 7.5k followers) will be sharing processes, frameworks, and tools around effective communication. 

​​In the end, we will have Q&As open to everyone.

​⚠️⚠️ This is not a ‘talk’. You’ll be expected to put in efforts during the workshop doing a communication exercise.

​Hence, join this masterclass ONLY if you understand that communication isn't easy but it's worth it. 

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