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Come Unity Housing Rights Conference

Hosted by Come Unity
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Newark, New Jersey
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About Event

Come Unity seeks to shed light on all the things that make our community so beautifully complex. Come Unity is a call to action to form genuine connections and a sustainable union that supports and inspires. As a collective, we organize art-centralized events that work towards the empowerment and healing of our community. We foster partnerships with various local community organizations to carry out these events and bring the community together successfully. 

Every event we seek to tackle at least one issue that faces our community. For our next event, we would like to tackle housing security and justice. There will not only be arts that focus on the many issues that individuals face in dealing with housing but also connect people with direct resources to counter these circumstances. We will provide workshops and resources connected to housing and ways of navigating the housing system.

We feel that this is a pertinent time especially to bring awareness to resources available to the community. This is because housing has always been an issue in Newark and New Jersey as a whole.  The pandemic has caused many individuals to lose their jobs and ability to afford housing, only exacerbating the issue at hand. Also with the end of the eviction moratorium, we have a looming crisis that the community faces.

Come Unity seeks to be the bridge between community and much-needed resources. We are looking to provide space not only for enjoyment, entertainment, art appreciation, and relief but also for tangible assets for the community at large.