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Creating the Perfect College List with Rostrum

Hosted by Rostrum Education
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Webinar by Rostrum Education’s speaker Martin Walsh!

Martin Walsh is the Former Dean of Admissions, Stanford University. He has closely reviewed hundreds of college applications in the last 15 years. With extensive experience and expertise in college counseling and training international school counselors, Martin understands the intricate details of the process better than anyone else. He has helped students secure admissions in several Ivy League schools.

The webinar will focus on various strategies that can be employed to create a comprehensive college list. Martin will elaborate on various criteria to be kept in mind while selecting a college - academics, acceptance rate, campus culture, research output, location, financials, return on investment etc. Martin specializes in creating a tailor-made college list which caters to the strengths and limitations of a student's profile.

Join us this Saturday (March 26) at 1 PM HKT to know more!