ADPList Coffee Hours #9: Portfolio Edition with Joe & Rania



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ADPList Coffee Hours Portfolio Edition is where design mentors answer questions in a much more detailed and personal format. We get deep! Hop on with the mentors and ask your design-related questions.

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Portfolio Edition 🏆

It is a round-robin style where mentors take turns reviewing portfolios submitted by the audience for 10-15mins and concluded with a short Q&A. Are you ready for this design critique session where we can all learn from each other's work and reflect on our own? We are!


About Our Mentors 🎙️

👉 Joe Cahill 🇺🇸 - ACD, Experience Design at Havas

Over the last 20 years, Joe has been building creative teams while working in both print design and UX/UI. He has done digital transformations for companies like American Express, MasterCard as well as built design systems for Saks Fifth Ave.

Fun fact: He did standup comedy when he was 17 for a couple of years 🎤



👉 Rania Svoronou 🇺🇸 - Design Director at IBM iX

Rania works at the intersection of design, business and technology and has won multiple awards recognizing her as one of the best in digital and tech. She’s a global keynote/TEDx speaker, guest lecturer, and industry mentor. One of her missions is to bridge the gap between design and business, and empower more women into the world of design & technology.

Fun fact: She completed her under 30 bucket list - 6 months before she turned 30 - which included skydiving, her first tattoo and visiting New York (where she now lives) 🪂



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