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CoD Summit^3

Hosted by Solaris & Bacalhau
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About Event

The Compute over Data Summit is a two day conference May 9-10 in Boston. The event will take place at The Westin Copley Place on the 4th floor in the America Ballroom.

May 9 → Unified Track

May 10 → Unconference Sessions

We will be gathering to talk about the future of computation across the spectrum. Areas covered consist of distributed datasets, both edge and data centers, and technologies such as WASM, reproducible builds, and consensus. Most of all, we want to convene to help bring about the next generation of platforms that make using data and compute together easier and more efficient.


The Compute over Data Working Group is an open and community driven organization designed to discuss the next generation of managing and processing data. Our goals are to have a space for collaboration between all teams building decentralized Compute Over Data platforms. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our website!