TL;DR x GamerPay Meetup at Antwerp Major


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Event Information

​Ever wanted aizyesque to sign your biceps, ask napz how to pronounce his real name or see whether NovaH is a naturally creative designer or on a forever magic mushroom trip?

​Now’s your chance to meet them all together with some of your other fellow TL;DR speed readers.

​Where and when?

​On Friday the 20th of May at 13:00 we're hosting our very first TL;DR meet-up at Bocadero Terrace placed on a beautiful spot along the river going through Antwerp (🤞 the sun will shine).

​Our friends from GamerPay have generously decided to sponsor the meetup. So first round is on them, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Cheers 🍻

​Around 15:00 we'll pack up and take a 45min walk together to Sportspaleis so we'll be there in time for the first match start at 16:30.

​GamerPay - Fast, safe payments of skins

​This meetup is sponsored by our friends from GamerPay, a skin marketplace that's taking a completely new approach to their platform by creating a safe and fast place to trade.

​They have the...

  • ​Lowest prices & fees

  • ​A sick web-based 3D shop & viewer

  • ​Peer to peer with zero risk of scams

​Sign up to their market place today.


Adam Reid
Alexander Fischer
Andrew Selwyn
Arian Beqiri
Arsi Virta