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NextGen Al Conference: Innovate, Integrate, Inspire

Hosted by AI Development Group
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Welcome to the NextGen Al Conference: Innovate, Integrate, Inspire happening in Melbourne Connect on Fri Jul 12 2024! Get ready to dive into the world of artificial intelligence and discover the latest trends and innovations. Join us for a day filled with exciting talks, pitch presentations, and networking opportunities with industry experts. Don't miss out on this chance to be inspired and take your Al knowledge to the next level.

​14:00 - 14:30

​Keynote: Generative Al in Research and Industry Today

Speaker: Prof. Eduard Hovy

​Prof. Hovy is the Executive Director of Melbourne Connect and has a rich history of innovation in Al, from his early academic roots at Yale University to his influential roles at DARPA and Carnegie Mellon University. Prof. Eduard Hovy will deliver a compelling keynote address titled "GenAl in Research an Industry Today." This presentation will explore the latest developments and transformative impacts on generative Al technologies across various sectors.

​14:30 - 14:50

​Introduction: Al Research in Unimelb

Speaker: Dr. Kris Ehinger

​Kris Ehinger is a Senior Lecturer and co-leader of the Al group at the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. In her role, she spearheads advanced research initiatives in artificial intelligence, fostering collaborations that bridge the gap between theoretical insights and practical applications. Her work is pivotal in shaping the Al research landscape at Unimelb, driving innovation and nurturing the next generation of Al experts. Kris's presentation at the conference will delve into the vibrant Al research environment at the University of Melbourne, highlighting current projects and future prospects.

​15:00 - 15:40

​Panel: Al in Action: Transforming Industries from Finance to Sustainability

Moderator: Dr. Caren Han

Panelists: Tim Hannon, Timothy Wang, John McGiffin

​The "NextGen Al Conference: Innovate, Integrate, Inspire" proudly presents a distinguished panel discussion featuring industry leaders from various sectors. Caren Han will be the moderator of this panel. Caren is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and the co-leader of AD-NLP (Australia Deep Learning NLP Group). This session brings together Tim Hannon, Head of Australian Equities at Goldman Sachs; Timothy Wang, Tech Lead for SaaS & GenAl Engineering at Deloitte; John McGiffin, Founder of TRU Recognition. Each panelist brings a unique perspective on how artificial intelligence is driving change within their fields.

​16:00 - 17:00

​Al Startup Pitch

​Call for Participants: please send your pitch deck (up to 12 pages) to

​17:00 - 18:00




Pitch Judging Panel

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