Certified Management Consultants

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the management consulting profession's global gold standard for excellence.


The Certified Management Consultant designation is the preeminent professional designation for management consulting with a variety of sub-specialty areas. It is similar in scope and reliability to Chartered Professional Accountants, Professional Engineers, etc.

Country Institutes of Management Consulting (IMC’s), often through state or provincial institutes, work with government bodies to ensure that the CMC is a recognized professional designation with all the compliance, competency and ethical obligations and privileges that comes with being a top-tier individual professional.

In over 49 countries around the world, these national member institutes of CMC-Global; enrol, oversee curriculum delivery, competency assessment and ultimately individual certification to strict common standards. National Institutes are regularly audited by CMC-Global to ensure each Institute upholds and advances the high standards of the designation. This means that a CMC earned in one country can be recognized and trusted should the professional individual work in another jurisdiction. For individuals interested in achieving their CMC professional designation, but happen to live/work in a jurisdiction without a CMC-Global member Institute, they can apply to the CMC-Global Institute to achieve their certification.


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