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Journey into the Metaverse

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Did you know that before Magic, there came Fortmatic? Fortmatic is an SDK that enables users to seamlessly interact with Decentralized Apps using just their phone number. Users no longer needed to install a wallet because Fortmatic abstracted away many blockchain-specific facets around key management such as the recovery seed phrase.

Today, Fortmatic is now Magic - the passport of the internet, but on steroids. With Magic, developers and end-users don't just get a plug-and-play SDK that enables a variety of passwordless authentications. They also gain all of the benefits of cryptonetworks and self-sovereign identity.

If you want to learn more about Magic's beginnings, and also gain insights into the web3 dev space, join us for a fireside chat with Jaemin Jin - Cofounder, CPO, Sr. SE and Head of Blockchain at Magic.

By the end of the meetup, you’ll know:

  • A history of the 2018 bear market, 2020 DeFi summer and 2021 NFT summer in Jaemin's POV

  • What, why, and how's of Fortmatic and how it differs from Magic

  • The intersection between Web 3.0 Multichain and the Metaverse

See you there! ✌️