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About Event

โ€‹A monthly gatho to email politicians to take climate action, and learn about climate solutions from experts.

โ€‹We'll guide you through writing emails to politicians and host activities & expert speakers on climate-related issues, e.g. we've had Kirstin Hunter former CEO of Future Super, Emma Bacon from non-profit Sweltering Cities, First Nations activist Ethan Floyd, climate scientist Michael Molitor who wrote the GHG protocol, and more...

โ€‹Our February guest speaker is Austin Tan, who advised the NSW government on the energy strategy of a new net zero city in Western Sydney. Austin has managed the energy transition in strategy roles at the Australian Energy Market Operator, in the decarbonisation practice at Aurecon, and utilities services firm Intellihub. Come along to learn about what the energy transition looks like for local communities.

โ€‹โ“ Who should come?

โ€‹We welcome everyone referred by another attendee - whether you're new in your climate journey or a seasoned greenie. 75% of people who join have never written to a politician before!

โ€‹โ“ What do I need to bring?

โ€‹Just bring your ๐Ÿ’ป laptop and if you're feeling generous, a ๐Ÿฅจ snack to share.

โ€‹โ“ Can I bring a friend? YES! Ask them to register via this event page. :)

โ€‹โ“ When is it? Our next session is on Sun 25th February.

โ€‹๐Ÿ“ Where is it? Location is a 3 min walk from Redfern Station. Register for the exact address.

โ€‹โœจ For new joiners โœจ, come at 9.30am to mingle and snack for a 10am onboarding session. If you've attended before, please arrive to start at 10.30am and end 1pm.

โ€‹๐Ÿ’Œ Community love from previous sessions:

โ€‹"The session left me feeling motivated, inspired and reassured that there are so many wonderful people like us, wanting and actually making the effort towards tackling climate change"

โ€‹"Climate change feels like such a big topic, but Eezu and Marlene have made such a great and supportive space that shows us how easy it can be to take action and fight for the things that are important"

โ€‹Having sent 300+ emails to date, we've had:

  • โ€‹Policy wins on topics we've written to politicians about: e.g the passing of the Climate Change Bill, stronger rules on the Safeguard Mechanism, banning of native forestry logging in Victoria and more...

  • โ€‹Meeting with MP Chris Bowen (Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy) to discuss Labor's climate policies after Annie wrote to him about opposing fossil fuel exploration.

  • โ€‹Group meeting with MP Jenny Leong (Newtown) after Marlene wrote to her on the NSW State election. Jenny connected us with other local climate non-profits, and hosted us in NSW Parliament.

  • โ€‹1:1 meetings with local MPs / Councillors to ensure climate action is top of mind e.g Tim James (Willoughby), Paul Fletcher (Bradfield), Charishma Kaliyanda (Liverpool), and Dai Le (Fowler)

  • โ€‹Being published in local papers

  • โ€‹Countless responses from local MPs / their teams who are reminded about everyday people wanting climate action

โ€‹Note: Dates are subject to change, but we'll notify you in advance.

โ€‹Hosted by Eezu Tan and Marlene Baquiran, with the help of Climate for Change.