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Climate Film Fest: First Look

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New York, New York
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Films. Panels. Party.

Join us for an early-access preview of New York's first Climate Film Festival! CFF showcases energizing, compelling, and diverse motion pictures and new media that encourage deeper engagement with the stakes of living in a changing world. Meet filmmakers, scientists, artists, and climate leaders over a dynamic evening of innovative, unexpected stories and emerging climate conversations.

With our inaugural festival coming in 2024, we're excited to welcome you to our First Look sneak peek during Climate Week NYC.

Evening Highlights:

Date: Monday, September 18

Location: Lower East Side (RSVP for exact location)


  • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM: Happy Hour

  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM: Film Screenings, Q&As, + a Live Performance (details below)

Host: Climate Film Festival

A huge thanks to our sponsors and partners!

We have limited capacity for this event, so we've set it to "apply to attend." If we're unable to host you during Climate Week, we'll keep you updated on upcoming screenings and future events!


Screenings will be followed by Q&As with the filmmakers, including Annalise Lockhart (director, Mirasol), Taylor Griffith (cinematographer, Humanatee), Leah Shore (director, Extremophiles), Davey Harris (director, PNGN DNCE Krill Remix), and directors Danny O’Malley and Alex Rivest and producer Adam Paul Smith (CANARY). 

Annalise Lockhart, Mirasol, 2023

Mirasol follows the story of three generations of women navigating survival in a climate-changed world. A seemingly small discovery blossoms into a poetic opportunity for intergenerational reconnection–and a source of hope within an increasingly harsh environment.

Ricky Rhodes, Humanatee, 2023

Humanatee follows the French underwater archaeologist, former member of Jacques Cousteau’s team, and manatee protector Damien Leloup as he shares his extraordinary 21-year-long friendship with the manatees. This piece interweaves the beautiful human-animal relationship with the insidious forces that have wiped out much of the manatee population, leaving just 6,000 remaining worldwide. 

Leah Shore, Extremophiles, 2019

A portrait film about the pollution in Brooklyn NY and beyond. Extremophiles are organisms that exist when nothing else can survive.

Davey Harris, PNGN DNCE Krill Remix, 2023

This animated music video honors the Antarctic, while also shining a light on the unique impact that penguins and krill have on our environment and even on our daily lives. We also learn of the potential threats that krill and penguins face… and what we can do about it.

Danny O’Malley and Alex Rivest, PhD, dirs., Adam Paul Smith, producer, CANARY (Trailer), 2023

Witness the extraordinary life of Dr. Lonnie Thompson, an explorer who went where no scientist had gone before and transformed our idea of what is possible. Daring to seek Earth’s history contained in glaciers atop the tallest mountains in the world, Lonnie found himself on the frontlines of climate change—his life’s work evolving into a salvage mission to recover these priceless historical records before they disappear forever.

The Climate Film Festival is New York City’s first film festival dedicated to climate in all its forms. From narrative and documentary features to experimental shorts, CFF showcases new voices, lesser-known archival finds, and complex, unexpected stories.