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How Researchers and Developers Can Benefit from the Command Line

Hosted by Jeroen Janssens
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Are you a researcher looking to become more efficient and productive at working with data?

Or are you a developer looking to streamline your workflow and take back control over your computer?

And the command line is not yet a part of your toolbox?

Then you should join this free one-hour workshop! I'll demonstrate why, how, and when the command line can make a positive impact on your work as a researcher or developer. By the end you'll understand whether the command line is indeed right for you and you'll know how to start making this valuable tool a part of your toolbox.

In the workshop, we’ll cover:

  • How you can benefit from the command line

  • The mindset of applying the Unix philosophy

  • How to process data with small, powerful tools

  • Parallelizing and distributing intensive computations

  • How to speed up and automate your workflow

  • My upcoming course Embrace the Command Line

  • Free resources on how to get started

If you register and join me live, you’ll have the chance to win a signed hard copy of my book Data Science at the Command Line (second edition)!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.