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Women, Design Your Ultimate Career Path

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Lack of knowledge or capability isn't the main reason for what holds women back; it’s more often our limiting beliefs, unhealthy work habits, and lack of confidence. 

Do you hold yourself back from asking for a raise because you feel like you are not experienced enough?
How many times did you think you can’t leave your toxic job because you find any other?
Do you want to be a writer, designer, or artist with your own business but holding yourself back because you think you are too sensitive to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Does any of this sound familiar?

These are all limiting beliefs and consequences of under-confidence that hold you back from growing in your career, realizing your true potential, and finding your true career paths. 

That's why, we are hosting a 1-hour interactive, live, group call for women looking for clarity in their professional lives.

​No webinars or boring pitches!

​It is going to be an interactive session where you get to ask your burning questions about how to grow in your career, navigate role change, create ambitious goals and paths to fulfill them.

​If any of this sounds familiar… 

  • ​You are now considering a career change but don’t know where to start

  • ​You are done taking pay cuts because you were promised ‘better’ career opportunities

  • The employer keeps pushing back promotion/transfer while you continue to work for a toxic team

  • You are feeling totally uncreative at your current role

  • Imposter syndrome is showing its ugly head

  • ​You are unsure as to what career options (flexible or otherwise) are out there

  • ​You are not clear how to approach your new role without burning out 

​Then you should grab this opportunity to get on a free 1-hour, live interactive group call that will have limited spots open.

To answer your questions, we have on the panel: 

Gitanjali has 20+years of experience in Learning & Talent Development. She is currently working as Learning & Talent Development Manager - Europe Middle East Africa at 3M. She has worked in corporate, consulting, and academics after her HR career began in India as a Corporate HRD officer. 

She has 10+ yrs of experience in teaching HR, Organizational Behavior, and International Business to students all over the world. She is perfect to guide us on how to facilitate change & find our true career paths.

Priya Nain, Marketing lead at Stoa School, ex-Mindvalley.

Priya has successfully transitioned from a career in IT to marketing & now leading a team. She has worked with organizations like Dell, Mindvalley & Isha Foundation. Priya has experience building a travel startup of her own that took 500+ people on trips & treks. 

Pratha Shetty, Learning Experience Designer at Stoa School.

Pratha has been an intercultural trainer for the past six years. She has worked with organizations like Mahindra & Mahindra, Faurecia, and The French Navy, to name a few. Before she found her calling in the learning and development space, Pratha built marketing strategies for SaaS enterprises and start-ups. She is also the author of a children's book called When I Grow Up. 


We are limiting the seats to only a few women so that everyone gets a chance to ask their questions and walks away with more clarity than before.

​The call will be hosted on zoom and all the details will be shared on the email that you will use to register for the event.

So scroll up, and book your seat now.