Cover Image for Impact Staking Working Group
Cover Image for Impact Staking Working Group
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Impact Staking Working Group

Hosted by Andrei Druta
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Impact Ventures is hosting the first in-person Impact Staking Working Group on March 26th, 2024 at MIT’s Innovation HQ in Cambridge, MA.

We warmly invite you to attend, contribute, and connect. The Working Group represents organisations that are putting Ethereum staking rewards to work around the world and donors who are directing staking rewards to meaningful causes. The event will give you an opportunity to learn from organisations that are Impact Staking now, and from donors who’ve deployed capital. We will discuss gaps that need to be filled for Impact Staking to grow and set an agenda for the Working Group in 2024. 

Discussions will include:

  • UNICEF and the Ethereum Foundation’s use of staking rewards to fund internet connectivity for schools

  • Give Directly’s experience launching their own Ethereum Validator node for Impact Staking

  • The opportunity for Liquid Impact Staking (LIS)

  • Open, off the record sessions to connect and learn together as a community

MIT Innovation Headquarters
292 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA
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