Cover Image for Sketching First Ideation using AI
Cover Image for Sketching First Ideation using AI
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Sketching First Ideation using AI

Hosted by Chris R. Becker & Designlab Mentor Community Host
Past Event
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An interactive workshop using Figma (Figjam) and Scribbled Diffusion for practicing sketching with the assistance of AI. As Designers, our roles are deeply connected with generating ideas and we all need to practice. Join us to learn about the importance of ideation sketching and get some workshop practice making with new tools.

• Intro & A short talk - (~10min)
• Figjam workshop - Sketching + Ai, (~ 40 min) and
• Q&A (~10 min)

Attendee Note:
Participation is required and having familiarity with Figjam will be a plus.

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Download AI Drawing Apps:
iOS: Doodle Lab - AI Art Generator

AI Drawing Generator DoodleAI

Use these or other AI drawing apps of your choice.

218 Going