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AthensDAO 2023

Hosted by Takisoul
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About Event

The AthensDAO is back for a second year!

Athens DAO was the first community-run event based on the concept of Solana Foundation Hacker Houses.

We kept the authenticity of the Solana Foundation Hacker Houses and added a twist of an in-depth journey into DAOs.

This year, AthensDAO is a two-day offline event with in-person guidance from core contributors to the Solana Ecosystem, founders of growing projects, Solana Labs engineers and growth managers.

​During the event, you can expect:

  • ​Informative educational programming around DAO and DeFi and how to get started on Solana, as well as presentations from our partners: (to be announced soon)

  • ​Plenty of time to work on your project, meet new people, find team members for your idea, or join an existing team.

  • ​Advice and support from core ecosystem engineers, plus a demo day at the end to compete for local grants.

  • ​The opportunity to dig into the details of the DAO world

  • ​A venue with good WiFi, power, and workstations, plus all-day food and lounges to relax.

Athens DAO is open to all builders who register ahead of time. Please register early if you plan to attend — it’s first come, first serve!

Registration will be open on-site at the Hacker House every day from 10:00AM - 4:00PM

HIGH LEVEL AGENDA coming soon!