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Hosted by Serotonin, Vega & Immortal Game
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About Event

Attention all Chess players!! and are joining forces to bring you a very special opportunity to face off against one of the world’s greatest Chess players, certified GRANDMASTER Rustem Dautov! Although it’s highly unlikely any will come close, those who seem to create the most interesting positions will be awarded prizes by Grandmaster Dautov himself.

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your derrière absolutely handed to you. On a Parisian boat nonetheless! 

Game Format:
There are 8 chess tables and the grandmaster plays on all 8 tables simultaneously. Chess players take a table and when their game is finished, they step away and another chess player takes their place.

It takes about 40 minutes for a full game of chess, but in this situation, people may lose much quicker than that. Please register early to reserve a spot approval at one of the time options; the event will be first-come, first to play.

Socializing & Refreshments:
Spectators are welcome to share in our provided drinks and refreshments! You can help the player against the grandmaster and discuss moves, but any help via telephone or electronic devices of any kind will lead to disqualification.

We’ll also have extra boards scattered about so you can play with your friends! Some variations like Blitz, Hand, Brain, and community free play will be available.

Boat Area:
The boat is docked 10 min walk from EthCC at the address linked above.

Note: You must register for this event to participate.


About Vega: Vega is Web3's native derivatives layer. We’re creating the building blocks for a new financial system. One that puts control of the markets, the products, and the fees in the community’s hands. Vega is a decentralized network that will support the creation of derivatives markets for a variety of crypto assets.

About Immortal is enhancing Chess by introducing an entertaining crypto layer: we're keeping the rules of Chess and adding optional challenges that will be enabled thanks to NFTs tied to pieces! Immortal Game will let anyone in the world enjoy one of the oldest games in a play and earn mobile-first way.

About the Grandmaster: Rustem Dautov (born 28.11.1965 in Ufa, Russia) is a German chess Grandmaster.

Living in Germany since 1984, he became Grandmaster in 1989. He participated in five Chess Olympiads for German national team. The biggest team success with his participation was 2nd place with team Germany in Istanbul in 2000. Dautov won some strong closed tournaments: Dresden (1988), Sverdlovsk (1989), Bad Lauterberg (1991), Ter Apel (1994), Nussloch (1996), Bad Homburg (1997), Essen (1999) and numerous open tournaments. With team Baden Baden he became 10 times German champion in Chess Bundesliga.

Dautov lives in Westerburg (Germany) and works as a manager of a poker community, and plays for team Deizisau in Chess Bundesliga. His actual rating is 2591, his highest rating was 2636.