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Chaos Festival

Hosted by Songcamp
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You are cordially invited to the event of the century...


Join us as we celebrate the debut release from Chaos — a headless band of 77 artists.

On June 3 at exactly 5:23pm ET, the Chaos Collection will go live. 5000 Chaos Packs will be made available to mint on Each pack contains 4 music NFTs. Opening your pack will randomly assign you 4 songs out of the 45 possible songs created by Chaos, along with entirely unique cover artwork for each NFT.

The festivities begin at 4pm ET!

Schedule (Eastern Time)
4PM — Countdown to Chaos ⏳
5PM — Chaos Giveaway 🎁
5:23PM — Chaos Goes Live! 💽
5:24PM — Chaos Party w Special Guests & Live Performance 🎉

The event will take place on the Chaos Stage in the Songcamp Server →


Chaos is a headless band made up of 80 artists — musicians, visual artists, engineers, writers, operatives and more. Over the course of eight weeks, the Chaos musicians created 45 distinct songs — rotating into new bands of 3 musicians every 2 weeks. The visual team generated 1000s of unique visual layers that, when randomly sorted, create 1-of-a-kind cover artworks. These sonic and visual pieces are combined to form a collection of music NFTs — each containing one of the songs plus a 1-of-a-kind cover artwork.

May we find harmony in the chaos