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Avoiding Conflict and Chaos at Work

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We see chaos and conflict at work every day, especially those of us that work in high-pressure environments. Your peers and seniors have probably said to you, "Don't fear conflict; embrace it - it's your job."

Except it isn't. Your job is to bring value to your organisation through your skillset, not do that despite the chaos and conflict you deal with at work. Chaos is a symptom, not a disease and we can all find the ways conflict breeds at work and learn to avoid it.

But where do you start? How do you find the beginning of the thread that will unravel all your chaos at work?

In this workshop, Aditya Kulkarni (Co-founder Stoa School, IIM B, BITS Pilani) will walk you through just that.

Tune in, it's going to be anything but chaotic.