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The History of Working from Home

Hosted by Dror Poleg
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Before everyone worked at the office, everyone worked from home. Kind of. Early modern cities mixed together living, work, and retail quarters.

How did this work in practice? Why did it go away? What lessons does it offer for our own cities? 

Join me for a conversation with Dr. Judy Stephenson about the history of working from home and mixed-use cities. 

Judy Stephenson is Associate Professor at University College London, specializing in the history of labor markets and the built environment. In addition, Judy is a research associate at both the Oxford Centre for Economic and Social History and The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure, and a Director at the Long Run Institute. Her insights have been featured by The Economist, Financial Times, and beyond. 

Judy’s upcoming book, Wages before Machines, explores salaries and bargaining in the pre-industrial world.