Coaching From Essence Practice and Experiment Sessions



This event has ended. There are no upcoming sessions.

Event Information

The coaching framework from Coaching From Essence has the potential to change your life and the life of your clients, and in turn, the life of everyone who your clients will affect. I believe that is worth some practice 😊

There will be 2 practice breakouts and some time for Edgework and introspection each session.

In order to participate, you must have some previous knowledge of the Coaching From Essence curriculum, which you can find here for free.

These sessions are not designed to teach topics or answer coaching questions, but to practice what you learned in the course and gather the questions that you can post in the community, everyone will love to answer them.

If you are a veteran coach from the community, I imagine that you might be working on your own coaching material. I invite you to bring those ideas, the models, and exercises that you might have been thinking about!

Use this session to experiment and test them with others to take notes on their reactions and improve them until they are ready to be integrated in your practice.

There will be also time for Edgework, you can volunteer to explain or present something to the whole group (perhaps the beginning of that webinar, course, or speech?). There is something of intrinsic value in confronting one's insecurities when talking to everyone, you will leave the session as a bigger person.

And don't worry, if nobody steps into the presentation spot, have ready some group activities that will help us expand our comfort zone ( will be fun!🤗 )

The Commitments:

1. You bring the agenda: you must know what you need to practice, your weakest spot tends to be a great idea. If you want to experiment, have the plan ready for the breakouts.

2. First, Focus: We can have the room running for 24hrs, so after the session, anyone who wants to engage and talk and discuss can do so. But we try to keep it for after the session, so everyone can use the 2 hours as effectively as possible.

For more detailed such as schedule of the session and exercise Ideas, visit the community post

Best wishes.