Master Class: Money. Meaning. Manifestation.



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Master Class: Money. Meaning. Manifestation.

Note: Speaking of money... Master Classes are normally $79, but I'm making this session "name your price." You can pay any amount between $29 and $79.

Your attitude about money—your fears, beliefs, judgments—determines to a very large extent how much money you will create in your life.

Mastering money is the key to making it.

Many coaches spend countless hours learning how to coach and earning various certifications—only to discover that only a small percentage of coaches actually create financially viable practices. They know how to coach, but they don't know how to think—and talk—about money in a way that can help them create more of it.

If you are focused on money, you are making a mistake (one of many). Coaching From Essence is about serving. But if you haven't mastered money, you won't create a sustainable coaching practice that lets you serve—and thrive.

Make money the easy part so you can focus on becoming a master coach (BTW, more information on The Master Coach Program here).

In this Master Class, we'll dive deep into the money issue and get to the root of what money means and how to manifest it. Being a powerful coach is table stakes. Mastering money is the key to making it.

We'll cover:

  • What is money, really?

  • What determines what something is worth?

  • What are your beliefs about money? Do they block you or support you to create a financially sustainable coaching practice?

  • How much is your coaching worth?

  • How do you talk about money with your clients in the enrollment conversation? How do you arrive at fees that show commitment and fairness?

  • How do you raise your fees?

  • How do you coach clients on their money issues?

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