Coaching From Essence Master Coach Program: Deep Coaching Intensive



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Coach beyond the do-loop. Do deep, personally transformational coaching. If you want to do powerful, life-changing coaching—and build a successful practice...

This is not a course. Ideally, you will have already had some exposure to the Coaching From Essence curriculum. This is a deep coaching lab. Please be ready to do deep personal work as well as honing your ability to do powerful work with clients. You must register for the entire month to attend. We'll be creating a safe container for real work—and that requires the same people showing up for the full two hours every week.

While the focus of this program is on deep coaching, we will be including ongoing coaching support for people who are also building their practices.

The program will meet every Monday, from 10 AM to noon Pacific Time. The content will vary depending on the needs of the participants each week but may include:

I'll coach one or more participants every week. This will be deeper, more personal. coaching than I've had the opportunity to do in past Master Coach sessions.

You'll have an opportunity to be in the "hot seat" and coach—or be coached by—one or more fellow coaches. You'll get specific feedback to hone your skills.

You'll do focused coaching practice with other coaches in private breakout sessions.

Again, this is not a course. There's no set curriculum. We're going to dance and play with more creative approaches to taking our client work to a deeper, more transformational level. As we dance, we are almost certain to cover at least some, if not all, of the following:

  • What the first few sessions look like when you want to create safety for a client to go deep

  • The arc of coaching when you coach clients over time

  • Mastering evocation and provocation—and how to be more provocative when the client needs that extra tap

  • Bottle breaking

  • Working with client stories—and how to weave stories for the client

  • Next-level triple-loop learning

  • Mastering Levels of Creation (seriously, this is one of the most powerful models in Coaching From Essence; it's what I'm always listening for and working with and it's the key to taking the client to more powerful places)

  • Real-playing (not role-playing, which is make believe—this is real playing, which is believing to make)

  • Speaking the client's language and evoking their inner coach

  • Powerful questions

  • Navigating The Dark Ally (otherwise known as FUC*ED: fear, uncertainty, confusion, exhaustion, and doubt)

  • The Love Threshold

  • Other skills, tools, models as appropriate

In other words, we'll be putting it all together and making real music. By the end of June you'll be doing more powerful coaching. Don't be surprised if you're also making more money—or creating more of whatever it is you sincerely want.

Participation will also give you access to a special Master Coach space on the community forum and access to all of the material there as long as you're enrolled.

The Master Coach Program is a new community within the Coaching From Essence community, Master Coach. Enrollment will be open and won’t require a year-long commitment (like the previous apprenticeship program). As long as you attend at least one session a month you will continue to have access to the Master Coach forum.

Tuition is $300/month. Partial scholarships will be available for a limited number of participants. I never let money be the reason I work or don’t work with someone.

Enrollment is limited to 35 participants and you'll have your place in the program as long as you continue.