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CFE Community Call w/Drew Suss: Coaching on the Edge

Have you ever been on the edge with a difficult client?

In this special CFE Community session, led by Drew Suss, you'll have the opportunity to share your experience.

Did you, or are you running out of patience? Is the client ready to give up? How about you? Are you feeling the engagement running off the rails? Does it feel that you want the client to succeed more than they do?

Have you experienced a surprising turnaround or defeat or engagement ending that we can learn from?

Share your experience, help your colleagues, put your hard-earned learning to work in the service of the group.

Drew’s coaching engagements focus on enabling greater productiveness and deeper engagement. He draws from years of experience gained in advertising, broadcasting, and corporate communications as well as his research in human development aimed at helping leaders and team members achieve greater levels of effectiveness.

In addition to coaching and consulting, he holds a research fellowship from the Institute for Social Innovation and is actively involved in a number of leadership research projects. His most recent work breaks new ground in understanding the link between leadership and effective workplace decision-making.

More information about Drew at Truebridge Partners and LinkedIn.

Community Calls are now open to guests. Please invite anyone you know who would be an excellent addition to our community.

To participate in this workshop, please plan on attending for the entire two hours.

The Coaching From Essence course is entirely free!

Remember: the entire Coaching From Essence course is now completely FREE! You can view the raw, unedited video from the last three cohorts on the Community Forum. If you’re not already a member, join here. And if you are a member, please share with other coaches. Together, we are co-creating a true community of support.

Community Calls are recorded and may be shared on the Community Forum. If you prefer not to be recorded, you may turn off your camera and choose not to participate in the large group. Breakouts are private and not recorded.

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