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CryptoEconDay @ EthCC

Hosted by CryptoEconLab
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About Event

CryptoEconDay is a gathering of Web3 researchers and practitioners sharing findings, lessons learned, and answering some of our most challenging questions around the topic of cryptoeconomics. This is the third event of our four-part series for 2023 and we are honored to host this side event during EthCC!


Filecoin Network Base @ Son de la Terre

Discussions & Topics

  • The Economics of Tokenized Infrastructure​

  • Timing Games in Proof of Stake Protocols

  • Pricing Mechanisms for Proto-Danksharding

  • Liquidity Mining

  • Incentive Design for DAOs

  • Objective Functions in Token Values

  • Perpetual Oracle-Free Options

  • Credible Decentralized Exchange Design

  • Qredo's Tokenomic Redesign

  • And many more!

Featured Speakers

We will also be showcasing some product demos, handing out swag and learning more about this ever growing field. See you there!


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