When Sarah Gibson Disappointed with Her Brother Playing the Prayer Movement

Feb 23 (Tue), 6:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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- Sarah Gibson is very disappointed with her brother, Richardz Gibson. This is because Richardz is accused of playing with the prayer movement.

The moment was known from Richardz's friend's Instagram. At that time, Richardz Gibson wore Thanos' gloves and wore shorts and performed prayers.

There, netizens considered Richardz to be playing with prayers. Warganet attacked him completely.

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"I apologize profusely because this morning (before dawn) I did things I shouldn't have done ... and I am very sorry. My prayer movements should not be used as a joke," wrote Richardz Gibson.

Sarah Gibson got dragged into her sister's troubles too. He also apologized for Richardz Gibson's behavior.

"I want to apologize profusely on behalf of richard for what happened, clearly he made a mistake and did not think clearly and everything was done without intentionally insulting him," he said.

Sarah explained that what her sister did was not just for content. It was a hard blow for him and his family.

Nor was it done for the sake of content because it was not posted on his Instagram but on his friend's Instagram who recorded it. Richard has never done this before either, he's not that kind of person, he's a good guy. This was a hard blow for my family and I to be more careful. Hopefully we can forgive each other, "he said.

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After being accused of playing with the prayer movement, now Richardz Gibson admits that he is ready to get better. Richardz said that he would be guided by an ustaz to make amends. He conveyed this to Sarah Gibson via WhatsApp.


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