Unlocking Carbon Markets for Investors



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Carbon markets have come a long way in recent years, yet might not be understood well by those who might potentially invest in carbon removal. To that end, AirMiners, in conjunction with Bay Area VC firm Fifty Years, is excited to host an event on October 13th, unpacking:

  • How compliance or voluntary carbon markets will develop over the near and long term

  • How a startup could be able to achieve 'hockey stick' revenue growth in the carbon markets

    • What are the characteristics of the carbon markets that allow this?

    • What unique advantages would a startup have to have in order to achieve that? 

All are welcome to attend!

Moderated by Tito Jankowski of AirMiners, the panel includes:

  • Sophie Purdom and Kim Zou, ClimatetechVC

  • Diego Saez-Gil, Pachama CEO

  • Peter Minor, Director of Science & Innovation, Carbon180

Tickets are free or $10 to support event carbon removal.

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