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Feb: PreSales Kick Off!

Welcome to a new year with the PSC! Many of you have recently attended or are soon attending Sales Kickoff, but have you ever attended a PreSales Kickoff? You are in for a real treat! A Keynote speech from Greg Holmes is going to get us all pumped for the year to come and you’ll have a chance to re-engage with PSC members across Europe.

Mar: POC Best Practices

Proof of Concept, Proof of Value, Free Trial, Test Drive, no matter what the terminology your company uses, they are common tools in the PreSales arsenal. How do different organisations leverage this activity to engage prospects and what are the do’s and don'ts?

Apr: Personal Development Topic: Interpersonal Skills/Managing Up

PreSales professionals often sit at the intersection of many different groups within an organisation: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and others. How do you navigate these relationships? And how can you leverage relationships to progress your career?

May: Value Consulting: What is it and why does it matter

What is Value Consulting and how does it relate to PreSales? Is it a separate role or becoming yet another skill expected of PreSales?

June: LinkedIn: Should SC's use it? If so, how?

We often hear a lot about our Sales counterparts using LinkedIn to do outreach and research key personas. This month we’ll discuss how LinkedIn can be leveraged from the PreSales perspective both to build relationships with prospective customers and build your personal brand as a thought leader.