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The Hidden Barriers to Greater Fundraising Success



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Many non-profits that pioneered in the applications of new knowledge about why donors give, what concepts and words resonate most with them, and their reasons and how giving can increase people’s psychological well-being, see giving double sustainably.  

Why aren’t more nonprofits jumping on the bandwagon and hugely accelerating their fundraising success with science?  

One possible reason for the resistance to, or incomplete adoption of, this knowledge may have to do with the level of self-awareness possessed by CEOs and advancement leaders.  

Jim Langley and Ann Criswell will share how leaders with the least self-knowledge are more likely they are to act instinctively rather than strategically. Those instincts can be traced back to their earliest years when they were learning to cope with dysfunctional family environments. The question then becomes how we help such leaders and help ourselves develop greater self-awareness that will allow us to be more responsive to donors’ hopes and needs.  

In this webinar, Jen Shang will begin by providing a summary of the most recent research on fundraiser and donor psychology.  Ann Criswell and Jim Langley will follow, sharing insights from their careers as to how we can work together to create more self-aware and responsive fundraising environments.


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