Cover Image for HK Web3 Month Conference Nov 6 - 7, 2023 ft. Polkadot, Ethereum, Polygon

HK Web3 Month Conference Nov 6 - 7, 2023 ft. Polkadot, Ethereum, Polygon

Hosted by Proof Of Ventures & HK Web3 Month
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Nov 6th 9am-5pm

Nov 7th 9am-1pm

@ Hotel ICON

Door opens at 08:30

Address: 17 Science Museum Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui. Next to PolyU

Limited quota. Non-transferable, 1 ticket 1 person. No walk-ins. Kindly fill out ticketing form properly.

Together with the most influential web3 pioneers, we explore the emerging web3 economy in APAC.

Meet some of the most influential web3 pioneers. A series of conferences, interactive developer-oriented sessions, project showcases and exhibitions will be led by more than 75+ web3 professionals.

HK Web3 Month Conference on Nov 6-7, 2023, featuring Polkadot Hong Kong (Nov 6), Ethereum Hong Kong (Nov 7), Polygon Hong Kong (Nov 7), and chain-agnostic sessions.

"Polkadot HK Day: Runway to Polkadot Blockchain Academy" is officially endorsed by Parity, and Web3 Foundation.

"Ethereum HK Day: Road to Devcon" is sponsored by the Road to Devcon Grants Round.

"Polygon HK Day: Ushering Polygon 2.0" is officially endorsed by Polygon Labs, supported by Polygon Guild HK.

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1 ticket, 4 stages, 100% FREE!


HK Web3 Month Conference a community collective effort by unnamed contributors in supporting the Hong Kong Web3 startup ecosystem. The Conference and virtual hackathon Web3 Hack X, can’t be made possible without supporting organizations, media and community partners, guests, including, Polkadot, Parity Technologies, Web3 Foundation, Ethereum Foundation’s Road to Devcon grants, Polygon Labs, Polygon Guild HK, 852dev, Astar, WOW Summit, DFINITY Foundation, IOSG Ventures, Scytale Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Jsquare, DFG, Harbour Industrial Capital, Polkadot Blockchain Academy, Polytope Labs, Litentry, Moonbeam, Tanssi, Web3Go, Bifrost Finance, Abelian, Frax Finance, IQwiki, Radix, Clearpool, Hailstone Labs, BTQ, SupraOracles, Meed, DROP System, NYMLAB, stakefish, DTTD, zkLend, Reinvent DAO, Elysia, K&L Gates, MUNG Legal, Stephenson Harwood, NUTS Finance, Blockpour, ETHKL, CoinDesk Indices, Token Amigo, Aventus, DevRel Uni, DRK Lab, Bitrace, Ethereum Singapore, PolyU Blockchain Club, 0xU, Blockchain Academy, The Graph, Polka World, Orakle, SZUBA, Openbuild, and many more.

Speakers and agenda might be adjusted with no prior notice.

Kindly check the latest agenda on our website.


& hack judges
- Elaine Zhu, General Manager, Asia, Parity Technologies (Polkadot)
- Rae Deng, Head of Engagement, Parity Technologies (Polkadot)
- Keith Yeung, Core Runtime Developer, Parity Technologies (Polkadot)
- Cathie So, PSE, Ethereum Foundation
- Alex Kuzmin, PSE, Ethereum Foundation
- 0xZoey, PSE, Ethereum Foundation
- Ayush Bhadauria, Senior Program Manager, Polygon Labs
- Jayne Chan, Head of StartmeupHK, InvestHK
- Jehan Chu, Founder, Kenetic; Ethereum Hong Kong Meetup
- Vincent Chan, Growth, Astar
- Ivan V. Ivanov, Global CEO, WOW Summit
- Herbert Yang, GM of Asia, DFINITY Foundation
- Filippo Franchini, Technical Educator, Web3 Foundation
- Jocy Lin, Founding Partner, IOSG Ventures
- Mark Cachia, Founder, Scytale Ventures
- Jademont Zheng, Founding Partner, Waterdrip Capital
- Betty Wang, Marketing Manager, Jsquare/DFG
- Max Rebol, Managing Partner & CEO, Harbour Industrial Capital
- Mario Altenburger, Managing Partner & CFO, Harbour Industrial Capital
- Erin Woggon, Operations Manager, Polkadot Blockchain Academy
- Max Wegman, Program Manager, Polkadot Blockchain Academy
- Seun Lanlege, Mad Scientist, Polytope Labs
- Jessie Dai, Co-Founder, CESS
- Alex Liu, Developer Community Lead, CESS
- Hanwen Cheng, Founder & CEO, Litentry
- Wuzhong Zhu, DevRel Engineer, Moonbeam
- Christine Lee, Head of Business Development, Tanssi
- Hao Ding, Founder & CEO, Web3Go
- Thibault Perréard, Head of Strategy, Bifrost Finance
- Duncan Wong, Founding Member, Abelian
- Andy Cho, Director of Asia, Frax Finance; Director of BD, IQwiki
- Ben Far, Head of Partnerships, Radix
- Jakob Kronbichler, Co-Founder, Clearpool
- Scarlett Ho, Executive Director, Hailstone Labs
- Christopher Tam, Head of Partnerships, BTQ
- Joshua Tobkin, Co-founder & CEO, SupraOracles
- Haw Dong Ho, Community Manager, PARSIQ
- Mia Lam, Senior Designer, Meed; Core Contributor, 852dev
- Cathy Lai, Co-Founder & CEO, DROP System
- Belsy Yeun, CTO, Vectis by NYMLAB
- March Lam, Director, BD & Investments, stakefish
- Paul Liu, Staff Engineer, DFINITY Foundation
- Phoebe Poon, CEO, Liker Land
- Christopher Cheung, Co-Founder & CTO, DTTD
- Jane Ma, Co-Founder and Co-Project Lead of zkLend
- Hanis Harmiles, Founder, Reinvent DAO
- Yoon Kim, Co-Founder & CMO, Elysia
- Jay Lee, Partner, K&L Gates
- Monin Ung, Managing Partner, MUNG Legal
- Alan Wong, Associate, Stephenson Harwood
- Terry Lam, Co-Founder, NUTS Finance
- Kelly Lai, Head of Product, Blockpour
- Harith Danny, ETHKL
- Kevin Law, APAC Director of Business Development, CoinDesk Indices
- Akshay Aggarwal, Founding Investor, Token Amigo
- Yaxun Chen, Founder, OneBlock+
- Mingqi Wang, CTO, Web3Go
- Tyrone Pan, Product Manager, Bifrost Finance
- Alex Pinto, Engineering Manager, Aventus
- Bianca Buzea, Founder, DevRel Uni
- Joshua Chu, Group Chief Risk Officer, XBE
And more

Nov 6 | Stage A

08:30 | Door Opens
09:00 | GM, Hong Kong!
09:10 | HK Web3: How Stable is the Level of Friendliness?
09:30 | Polkadot HK Day: Runway to Polkadot Blockchain Academy
09:40 | The Polkadot Game: Building the Future of Web3
10:00 | InvestHK: A Future Unlimited
10:20 | Web3, What is It Really?
10:40 | Parachain Auction & Crowdloan Mechanism
11:00 | New Crypto Regime, Tailwind for Family Offices & VCs
11:40 | Navigating the Web3 Venture Landscape
12:50 | CESS: Modular Blockchain and Decentralized Cloud Network
13:10 | Litentry: Proof of Data Ownership, DID, SSI, DePIN
13:30 | Moonbeam: Cross-Chain Connected Smart Contract Platform
13:50 | Bridges: Moving Data and Tokens Between Blockchains
14:20 | Polkadot 2.0 Ideology: Asynchronous Backing and Agile Coretime
14:40 | Tanssi: Polkadot 2.0 with AppChain
14:50 | Astar: Whats Next for Astar?
15:00 | Web3Go: Data Intelligence Network
15:20 | Interoperability: Cross-Chain Communication
15:20 | Introducing Polkadot Blockchain Academy
16:10 | Building Your Own Blockchain with Substrate
16:20 | Substrate: The Platform for Blockchain Innovators
16:30 | XCM: Use Cases of Cross-Consensus Message Format

Nov 6 | Stage B

08:30 | Door Opens
09:00 | GM, Hong Kong!
09:10 | Beyond Cryptocurrency: Code and Data on Blockchain
09:30 | Tokenization: RWAs, Green Finance, Intangible Assets, DAOs
10:10 | Decoding Regulation: CBDC, Virtual Asset License, Token Governance
10:40 | Stablecoin: Pegged Approaches
11:10 | LSDfi: The State of Liquid Staking
12:00 | Native Assets are Key to the Web3 Experience
11:50 | DeFi: Lending, Collaterals, Custody
12:40 | Web3 Emergence: Why APAC Now? What to BUIDL?
13:10 | Quantum Algorithm: Doomsday of Major Cryptocurrencies
13:40 | Cryptanalysis: Safeguard with Post-Quantum Cryptographers
14:10 | zkRoute: Decentralizing Zero-Knowledge Proof Generation
14:30 | Oracle Problem: How to Fix It Once and for All
14:50 | Hitting the Wall: Why L2 Scaling Solutions are Not Scalable
15:20 | Data Fabric: Index, Query, APIs, Oracles, Intelligence
15:50 | Wallet: UX for Next Wave of Web3 Consumers
16:20 | Web2 Entreprises Integrating Web3

Nov 7 | Stage A

08:30 | Door Opens
09:00 | GM!
09:10 | Internet Computer as a Layer 2 Solution for Bitcoin
09:40 | Ethereum HK Day: Road to Devcon
09:50 | Ethereum Hong Kong: How It All Started
10:10 | Ethereum Foundation: What We Do at Ethereum
10:30 | Growing the Ethereum Ecosystem, Starting with the People
10:50 | Exploring New Applications of ZKPs
11:20 | Zero-Knowledge Proofs Panel
11:50 | Tech Review: EIP-4337 Account Abstraction and Mainstream Adoption with Self-Sovereign Identity
12:10 | Account Abstraction Deployment for Web2 Developers
12:40 | EIP-4844 Proto-Danksharding & KZG Polynomial Commitment
12:50 | See You in Devconnect & Devcon!

Nov 7 | Stage B

08:30 | Door Opens
09:00 | GM!
09:10 | Sovereignty Blockchain: Abstracting Complexity for Seamless Building Experience for Consumer Products
09:40 | CosmWasm: WASM Smart Contracts for Cosmos and Beyond
10:00 | Emerging Career: Developer Relations Engineer
10:30 | Polygon HK Day: Ushering Polygon 2.0
10:40 | Polygon 2.0: The Value Layer of the Internet
11:00 | Supernova: Astar zkEVM
11:10 | Ethereum is Now Economic Viable
11:40 | zkRollups: On-Chain Contracts with Off-Chain Virtual Machine
12:10 | Polygon CDK: Unlocking a New Paradigm with New Security Considerations