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Building on Bitcoin with Xverse

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Building on Bitcoin with Xverse

Discover the power of Xverse and Sats Connect in simplifying Bitcoin app development at the Xverse Workshop led by Baptiste Lafrate and Eduard Bardají Puig. Dive into how Sats Connect, a JavaScript library, seamlessly connects apps to Bitcoin wallets like Xverse, enabling retrieval of user wallet addresses and transaction signing into your project.

About the Workshop:

Embark on a journey into the realm of Bitcoin app development with the Xverse Workshop. This session offers a comprehensive overview of Xverse's developer tooling alongside a deep dive into their product, Sats Connect. Participants will explore how Sats Connect, a simple JavaScript library, integrates with Bitcoin wallets like Xverse, facilitating the retrieval of user wallet addresses and enabling the seamless signing of transactions (PSBTs). Through insightful presentations and demonstrations, attendees will gain an understanding of how Xverse and Sats Connect combine to streamline and enhance the development experience on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Workshop Agenda:

Join us for an informative presentation featuring:

  • Introduction to Xverse and its developer tooling

  • Deep dive into Sats Connect: A JavaScript library for Bitcoin wallet integration

  • Demonstrations showcasing the integration process and functionality of Sats Connect with Xverse

  • Insights into real-world applications of Sats Connect in Bitcoin app development

  • Interactive Q&A session to address queries and foster discussion

Target Audience:

The workshop caters to individuals ranging from beginners to advanced developers, providing valuable insights and resources for anyone interested in exploring Bitcoin app development with Xverse and Sats Connect.

Date: Friday, Mar 8

Time: 4pm - 5pm EST

Location: Zoom link will be sent to your email. Kindly sign up using the same email associated with your Ready Layer 2 application.

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50 Going