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EP05: Subconscious - Building a Second Brain with Gordon Brander and Chris Joel 

Subconscious is a social note-taking app powered by the Noosphere protocol. This protocol is a worldwide thought-graph, decentralized over IPFS. Due to its decentralized infrastructure, Subconscious uniquely provides its users with a credible exit. It's local-first, and users always own their own data. Want to learn more? Check out their episode live in the Causal Islands Discord! 


Welcome to the Causal Islands podcast! Each month, we’ll dive deep into distributed systems, local-first software, AI, tools for thought, and their profound sociotechnical implications. Join our hosts as they engage in thought-provoking interviews with leading experts, exploring the intricate connections between technology and society, uncovering the transformative power of these emerging paradigms, and discussing their potential to shape our future in profound ways. Get ready for captivating conversations that will bridge gaps and expand our understanding of what’s possible.


Episode 1: Causal Islands Recap

Episode 2: A Conversation with the Strange Loop and Papers We Love Organizers

Episode 3: Alternatives to Modern Programming Languages

Episode 4: End-Programmer Programming with Steve Krouse of Val Town