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Casey's First Improv Show

Hosted by Casey Watts!
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Come to Casey's "Intro to Improv" class's showcase performance!

Casey is taking the 8-week intro course through Washington Improv Theatre (WIT). The showcase will be at Studio Theatre on 14th St in DC.

What is improv?

  • "Improv" is short for "improvisational comedy" (although it's not strictly comedy! sometimes it's just interesting/insightful or dramatic)

  • Improv is a lot like the show "Who's Line Is It Anyway"! (btw they are so good because they record 5x as much and only air the highlights! lol)

  • Improv is different from standup comedy. Standup is solo/scripted comedy, while improv is an team/unscripted comedy.

"Casey, haven't you done some shows before?"

  • Sorta! I've done accordion instrumental accompaniment for musical improv (with Brian's team "Bad Karaoke Experience").

  • BUT I have not done improv (the scenes/talking part) on stage before. That's why I'm taking this class!

  • The cover photo was staged on a stage at The Lou Room lol, I did not perform that night

How/why did you decide to do improv?

  • It’s fun! A silly, expressive, team-based, structured activity.

  • I’ve been hanging out with improvisers a lot lately — and it’s rubbed off on me (Brian and a lot of his friends!)

  • I’m really aiming for MUSICAL improv — I’ll get enough improv skills (the words part) to combine with my existing musical skills to be able to make up musicals on the spot!

Can we hang out too?

  • Yeah! Afterwards, let's go to Shake Shack or something like that :)

Hope to see you there! 😄