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Women, build career clarity and set personal goals!

Hosted by Stoa 🦁
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About Event

Mapping out the next moves in your career path can be tricky, especially if you aren't sure what your personal vision and goals are. 

​We are hosting a 1-hour interactive, live group call for women looking for clarity in their professional lives and who want to learn how to set personal goals.

​No webinars or boring pitches!

​It will be an interactive session where you get to ask your burning questions about how to grow in your career, navigate role change, create ambitious goals and paths to fulfill them.

​If any of this sounds familiar… 

  • You want to change your career path but don’t know where to start

  • You struggle to choose a career that aligns with your personal goals 

  • ​You are done taking pay cuts because you were promised ‘better’ career opportunities

  • You are facing discrimination, stereotyping, or prejudice in the workplace and do not know how to deal with it 

  • You start taking a step towards your career but then imposter syndrome kicks in 

  • ​You feel a ‘lack of opportunities’ and want to explore the career paths that you are unaware, or unsure of.

  • You are not able to find a work-life balance and are going through burnout

​Then you should grab this opportunity to get on a free 1-hour, live interactive group call that will have only women participants. 


To answer your questions, we have on the panel: 

Erica is a career coach who helps ambitious Asian women build their *true* dream careers while overcoming perfectionism and practicing self-care.

With 8 years of experience under her belt, she's worked as a Product & Marketing Manager with companies like L'Oréal & Mindvalley. In her most recent role, she set the record for the 3 biggest launches in the company's 15-year history, generating over $10M in combined product launch revenue during her tenure, among several other milestones.

As a recovering perfectionist, Erica specializes in mindset training for overachieving Asian women who want authentic fulfillment in their days. In her work as a coach, she helps students get clear on their definition of success so they can finally create their true dream careers—and actually live their lives to the fullest, too.

Priya Nain, Marketing lead at Stoa School, ex-Mindvalley.

She has successfully transitioned from a career in IT to marketing. She has worked with organizations like Dell, Mindvalley & Isha Foundation. Priya has experience building a travel startup of her own that took 500+ people on trips & treks. 

Aditya Kulkarni, Co-founder Stoa School

He is the co-founder of Stoa School and an IIM-B and BITS Pilani alumnus. He has built and sold two startups in the past.

Through Stoa School, he has mentored 100 people through various career challenges.


You will also get to interact with women from Stoa School's MBA program who are on their journey to find career clarity and have taken the first steps towards it.

​We are limiting the seats to only a few women so that everyone gets a chance to ask their questions and walks away with more clarity than before.

​The call will be hosted on zoom and all the details will be shared on the email that you will use to register for the event.

So scroll up, and book your seat now.