September | Become a Card Shark | Facilitator Cards



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Event Information

Card Sharks is our getting-started session focused on getting to play/explore/practice with your Facilitator Cards.

Whether you've never opened your deck or you've been using it to plan and adapt most of your sessions, this is a great chance to deepen your facilitation knowledge, increase your creative capacities, and connect with other facilitators from around the world.

This event is exclusively for those who are Card Carrying Facilitators (get it!?) and you will need to bring your deck when you participate!

**Doors to this event will close after 5 minutes into the session more details on why below!**

Bring queries, questions, and we'll jump in! Questions? Let us know at [email protected]

What will the event be like?

​This session will be facilitated, interactive, and is hands on time with your cards. It will not be a lecture. It will be full of conversation, reflection, connection, and emergent learning! So please only attend it you can be present to participating in that type of session.

For this reason, doors will close after 5 minutes into the session. We know life happens and that everyone’s norms around time are different. For short sessions like this one where the experience builds upon the previous 5 minutes continuously, it’s important we all start together.

​There will be a recording made available for anyone who registers.


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