Cover Image for Celo DeFi and Trading Hackathon Cape Town ($10k in prizes). Apply to attend in person or virtually!

Celo DeFi and Trading Hackathon Cape Town ($10k in prizes). Apply to attend in person or virtually!

Hosted by Carbonhood, Mento Labs & Celo Community
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About Event

​Join us for our DeFi hackathon in Cape Town starting on November the 24th. The event is for those interested in developing on-chain trading strategies or DeFi applications built on the Celo blockchain.

Celo is a mobile-first, carbon-neutral blockchain and is transitioning to an Ethereum L2 solution.

The event is co-hosted by Celo, Mento Labs and Carbonhood.

The event is open to both teams that want to attend in person or virtually. Please indicate your preference in the application for catering purposes


There are different types of bounty categories:

Celo x Opera MiniPay   (Bounty: $3000)

Celo Foundation is excited to announce a $3,000 cUSD prize pool for developers building real-world use cases on Celo, with a specific focus on Opera Minipay.

With the recent launch of MiniPay, a lightweight payments wallet built into the Opera Mini browser and powered by Celo, there is an opportunity for developers to leverage this new infrastructure to create meaningful applications.

Some key details on Opera MiniPay: it is a 2 megabyte self-custodial stablecoin wallet that allows instant sending and receiving of transactions with sub-cent fees, it is integrated directly into Opera Mini, the popular Android browser, and it introduces Celo and stablecoin payments to millions of users across Africa.

Onramp solutions like Fonbnk allow users to easily purchase cUSD using local currencies.

  • Prize Pool: The $3,000 prize pool can be allocated to a single project or split between multiple projects based on the judging criteria below.

  • Types of Ideas: Please see 'ideas to inspire you below' Categories include: Mobile banking, loyalty/rewards program, payments at merchants, microinsurance, microlending, prediction markets, mobile gaming, cross-border remittances

  • Requirements: Code must be deployed on Celo Testnet (Alfajores) or Celo Mainnet

  • Judging Criteria:

    • Innovation

    • Ease of use (UX)

    • Fit for the Mento ecosystem

    • Economic viability  Developers should think creatively about how to integrate and build on top of MiniPay to drive adoption and use cases. Reach out to the Celo Foundation with any questions!

Carbonhood x Celo (Bounty: $3000)

Carbonhood is a DeFi exchange built on Celo that allows both swaps and leverage trading. Traders have access to Forex (cUSD, cEUR, cReal), Crypto and Carbon markets.

Carbonhood is looking for 1) trading strategies or 2) trading pools to compliment the exchange.

  • Prize Pool: $3,000 cUSD (can be allocated to a single or multiple projects based on judging criteria) 

  • Description / Types of ideas: Create applications that enhance the Carbonhood platform. These include:

    • On-chain automated trading strategies

    • Dashboards for tracking LP (liquidity provider) performance

    • Hedging tools and strategies for LPs

    • Tools for traders to build their own automated on chain trading strategies

  • Requirements: Needs to use Carbonhood or compliment Carbonhood and be built on Celo

  • Judging Criteria:

    • Strategy PnL

    • Usefulness of tool

    • Innovation of trading tool

Mento Labs  (Bounty: $3000)

Mento Labs is looking for innovative ideas for the algorithmic cStablecoins (cUSD, cEUR, cReal) built on Celo. 

  • Prize Pool: $3,000 cUSD (can be allocated to a single or multiple projects based on judging criteria) 

  • Description / Types of ideas: Create innovative applications using Mento Stablecoins (cUSD, cEUR, cReal, cXOF) on Celo. We're looking for DEXs, payment solutions, yield solutions and other innovative ideas for payments, remittances, FX, lending and borrowing with the Mento Stable Assets 

  • Requirements: Needs to be an application that uses Mento Stable Assets or direct improvements of the decentralized Mento platform. 

  • Judging Criteria:

    • Innovation

    • Ease of use (UX)

    • Fit for the Mento ecosystem

    • Economic viability  (Bounty: $1000)

Envio is offering prizes to projects that use Envio as their Indexer for their querying their on-chain data. The indexed data is easily accessible through GraphQL queries, providing developers with the flexibility and power to retrieve specific information from the Celo blockchain.To get started with Envio, developers can utilize the Envio CLI, allowing for easy configuration and execution of the indexer.  Envio offers automatic code generation and flexible language support. Resources: [Envio Installation] [Envio Quickstart] [Envio Example (UniswapV3 swaps)]

Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • $500 distributed evenly to all teams building on Envio

  • Specific team prizes

  • 1st prize $300

  • 2nd prize $150

  • 3rd prize $100

Format and Agenda:

The event will take place over approximately 1.5 days. Each team will be assigned a team mentor who will help them validate and test their prototypes.

We are ultimately interested in developing exciting prototypes in this hackathon so preference will be given to projects that are functional and solve a customer problem.

Friday 24th November

  • 17:30 - 19:00 - Welcome drinks and registration

  • 19:00 - 20:00 - Introductions and welcome presentation

  • 20:00 - Late - Hacking

Saturday 25th November

  • 0​8:30 - 09:30 : Team mentor check-in

  • 09:30 - Late : Hacking

Sunday 25th November

  • 0​8:30 - 09:30 : Team mentor check-in

  • 09:30 - 12:00 : Hacking

  • 12:00 - 13:00 : Product demos and Prize giving

  • 13:00 - Late : Networking and drinks


  • Can I apply with my own ideas that are not included in the bounty list?

    • Yes, the ideas in the bounty list are simply suggestions but applying with your own idea is encouraged

  • Can I build my application before the event

    • To make the hackathon fair, we will only consider code developed during the event towards the bounty.

  • What resources are there to help me before the hackathon?

Ideas to inspire you:

  • Microjobbing dApp built on MiniPay

Microjobbing is a huge global marketplace for people who are keen to complete small online tasks (like surveys) and get paid. These payments are often small (<$5) and are uneconomical for TradFi. What if we could build something better with MiniPay?


-> Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Algorithmic ZAR backed by natural assets

Would it be possible to build a rand backed by natural assets? MakerDAO created DAI backed by ETH, could we do something similar but backed by assets that are good for the environment?

Useful links:

-> MakerDAO: What Is It and How Does It Work?

  • Quantzone for blockchain

FTX created a tool called Quantzone which enabled allowed traders to very quickly build automated strategies for their exchange. What about building an on chain tool that could allow traders to do the same.

Useful links:

-> How To Use Quant Zone To Automate Your Trading

-> QZ Demo

  • Copy trading tool

Want to copy trade the best traders in the game? How about building a tool that allows traders to monitor the best traders on chain and copy automatically follow their strategy (think MEV bot for trading).

Useful links:

-> What Is On-Chain Copy-Trading?

  • ZAR stablecoin than pays automated interest

What if you could create a ZAR that paid you interest by simply holding it?

Useful links:

->Lyra Finance

  • Automated on-chain strategies (Grid, Ping Pong, )

What about creating your own bot like a Ping Pong bot or Grid Bot then implement the strategy on chain using Carbonhood.

  • ChatGPT trading strategy on-chain

Better yet, what about creating an investible trading strategy using generative AI like ChatGPT?

Useful links:

-> I Used ChatGPT to Build an AI Crypto Trading Bot

  • Create a micro lending function in MiniPay

Would it be possible for users to borrow against tokenized collateral inside the MiniPay stablecoin wallet? What if users could borrow against crypto and real world assets right from their wallet?

Useful links:

-> How to Build on MiniPay

  • Educational Trivia dApp built on MiniPay

Could we create a fun education app (think QuizUp) where we could make micro payments using MiniPay?

Useful links:

-> How to Build on MiniPay

-> Quiz to Earn

  • Other innovative Celo projects worth checking out for inspiration: