Cover Image for NYC Future of Coding Hack Night — March
Cover Image for NYC Future of Coding Hack Night — March
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NYC Future of Coding Hack Night — March

Hosted by Charles Chamberlain & 3 others
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About Event

We're trying something different this Future of Coding meetup.

Bring your laptop! We're structuring it as a hack night, which means it's an evening of side-projecting in a friendly atmosphere, split 50-50 between productive and social.

You will have 90 minutes of productive time, so come prepared with hack ideas that you can make meaningful progress on in a short time.

Here's the agenda:

5:30pm - Doors open
6:00pm - Heads-down hacking
7:30pm - Food arrives - dinner and discussion
9:00pm - 👋

The ​Future of Coding is a welcoming community unified in the belief that programming is tragically less than it could be. Together we explore the beautiful world of possibilities to reimagine computing. You can learn more at

Thanks so much to Betaworks for hosting us!

This event requires registration. Anyone who wants to be a part of our community is welcome, but you do have to be a part of our community to attend this event. This event is not for anyone broadly interested in tech, programming, AI, or crypto. Do not come to this event to network or get a job. Do come to this event to make progress on a side project, share your passion for improving programming itself, see old friends, and make new ones.

The registration asks for any kind of proof that you are part of our community. You could provide a link to your favorite essay about the future of coding, a prototype you made, your personal website, or a screenshot of a conversation you had about the future of coding.

If you include a link to something AI or crypto related, your registration will be declined. Show us that you have broader interests and that you are a part of our community.

We can only accept or decline your registration. If you are declined, please don't be offended. We're trying our best and may have made a mistake. You can contact me at if you would like to know why you were declined or you'd like to try to apply again. Or you could view a rejection as a blessing: you probably wouldn't have liked this event anyways.

29 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014, USA
49 Going