RedwoodJS Meetup: December 2021



This event has ended. If you'd like, you can still register below.

Event Information

Redwood v1.0.0-rc

Redwood has reached an amazing milestone over 18 months in the making! Join us for this special event to celebrate together and dive into features, projects, and the people that make Redwood awesome.


We’re going to take a look at some new features, coming features, and how to get started:

  • Quick Start: what you need to know to get started with Redwood

  • GraphQL API: best in class out of the box

  • Caching: guess what, your GraphQL API is cache-enabled


There are some amazing products and startups being built with Redwood. We’re going to highlight many of them and get to see a few demos along the way.

  • product demos

  • code walkthroughs

  • startup highlights


Redwood is amazing because the community is amazing. It wouldn’t be a Redwood event if we didn’t highlight some amazing people and get to hear their stories about getting involved in the project.

  • contributors

  • makers

  • core team

About the Meetup

This is the place for anyone from anywhere to learn about and participate in the vibrant community. There will be demos and presentations, live discussion and Q&A, participation by chat, and (optionally) joining the discussion by Video. (No video required.)

By attending, we hope you become inspired to dive deeper into the Redwood ecosystem. And, more importantly, build new connections with some great people from all over the world. 🚀

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