Cover Image for Light Dao Salon: Tech, Geopolitics, and Human Rights w/ Philanthropist Cameron Colby Thomson (NYC)
Cover Image for Light Dao Salon: Tech, Geopolitics, and Human Rights w/ Philanthropist Cameron Colby Thomson (NYC)
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Light Dao Salon: Tech, Geopolitics, and Human Rights w/ Philanthropist Cameron Colby Thomson (NYC)

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New York, New York
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Join Light Dao and conscious entrepreneurs and investors for an evening filled with connection, deep conversations, and a fireside chat with Cameron Colby Thomson, a philanthropist and a CEO at Good Ancestor Foundation, and Aryuna Merdygeeva, Light Dao's Founding Partner (New York).

Cameron Colby Thomson is the CEO of the Good Ancestor Foundation and Allied Strategy LLC, and a Director at the Human Rights Foundation. Colby studied computer science, economics, and AI earlier in his career. He served as Director of Strategy at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, widely considered the first substantial AI safety organization and conference series, which was founded with Kay Kurzweil and Peter Thiel.

Following family difficulties with health insurance and a house fire, he founded several impact-driven insurance tech companies. These companies are now used internationally for price and quality comparison of insurance and medical procedures, as well as for ensuring consumers are treated fairly by their insurance companies.

Currently, he serves on the board of Open Source Ecology, a project aimed at building open versions of the industrial and agricultural machines society depends on, as well as All-Fed, which focuses on feeding people during significant disasters. Additionally, his Good Ancestor Foundation operates a regenerative agriculture research farm in Vermont.

With over a decade as a director at the Empire State Building-based Human Rights Foundation, along with Chairman Gary Kasparov, Thomson has developed significant expertise in geopolitics and conflict, with a special focus on AI, propaganda, and cyber security tools used by governments to surveil and influence their citizens. His foundation, Good Ancestor, performs grantmaking, grant execution, and managed family office services in these focus areas, while his company, Allied Strategy, consults on the implementation of important projects for the public good.

Thomson is open to off-the-record questions and answers on current geopolitical conflicts, AI, and concerns related to nation-state actors, as well as discussing his current projects and initiatives.

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  • ​7:00-7:30pm - Welcome and snacks served

  • 7:30-7:40pm - Introduction

  • 7:40-8:10pm - Connection Experience

  • ​​8:10-8:40pm - Fireside chat

  • 8:40-9:00pm - Business Connect​​

  • 9:00-9:30pm - Hang out & Wrap-up

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New York, New York
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