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Means of Creation #15 - Taylor Lorenz

Hosted by Nathan Baschez
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This week on Means of Creation we are welcoming the one and only Taylor Lorenz, technology report at the New York Times!

Taylor is a highly talented and respected journalist who covers internet culture and technology. She has written about topics such as the relationship between influencers and their followers, a Discord community called Gen Z Mafia, and the rise of popular multiplayer game Among Us. Before the New York Times, Taylor wrote for The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, and others.

We’re particularly excited to have Taylor on the show because she understands the creator ecosystem as well as anyone we know. In this interview, we are going to talk to Taylor about:

  • What mainstream media misunderstands about internet culture

  • Why creators have become top of mind for investors and what is needed to further legitimize them

  • If audiences will be more loyal to influencers or to platforms

  • The rise of citizen journalism and why traditional journalism still holds an important position in the media landscape

  • What makes the New York Times special

  • How privilege plays out in the passion economy and how it could improve

  • And more!