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Cover Image for WEB3 GAMING WORLD
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Hosted by GensokishiOnline
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ABOUT WEB3 GAMING WORLD WEB3 GAMING WORLD serves as an official side event during Taipei Blockchain Week, situated at Barcode in Taipei's Egg Yolk District. It gathers industry leaders from gaming, NFTs, marketplaces, and other sectors to spearhead discussions on gaming tracks for TBW.

👉TBW Ticket holders are all granted access.(even in waitlist)

🗓️ Agenda (GMT+8)

  • Panel Discussion: 20:00-20:30

  • Networking Party: 20:00-22:00

🎉 Amenities

  • Relaxed atmosphere

  • Delectable food and beverages

  • Gaming industry panel discussions

  • Networking Opportunities

Hosted by Gensokishi -MetaWorld-, a cross-continental blockchain gaming project celebrating its one-year online anniversary, it boasts a sizable player base and continuously evolving, multifaceted features, drawing various projects from both web2 and web3 realms.

SO-COL stands as a pioneering web3 platform designed for creators, brands, and communities, empowering content creators to maximize earnings through the potential of NFTs. Our mission is to simplify community establishment on web3, making it effortlessly accessible for all.

SupraOracles introduces a pioneering, high-throughput Oracle & IntraLayer: a comprehensive toolkit encompassing cross-chain solutions such as data oracles, asset bridges, automation networks, and more. These interlink all blockchains, whether public (L1s and L2s) or private (enterprise-based).

MusePay is an uprising digital fintech company registered as VASP, providing a world-class infrastructure for digital payments, wealth appreciation and asset management. Any time, anywhere, we enhance contentment through user centric products MuseWallet, MuseEarn, and more VIP privileges.

Furthermore, Boxtradex, dedicated to gaming promotion, and the prestigious eSports brand XPG, are integral contributors in this collaborative initiative

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Songshou Rd, 22號5樓
185 Going